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An anti-internet anthem. Love it!

KILLO KILLO BANDA - Internet (BalkanFarraj vol.2 promo single) by Balkan's

P.S. Happy International Women's Day, y'all!
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This little girl’s mother is a computer specialist from Helsinki, Finland. While her daughter is soundly asleep, she creates a completely different world - from whatever she can find around her!

Best thing I've seen in years.
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... I didn't know why I kept going for the same sort of weird, vulnerable, quiet person, and then I realized it comes directly from being about 15 years old and watching the teen drama "My So-Called Life", staring Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano... That programme has left me damaged. Everyone I've ever gone for has been some version of Jordan Catalano. I watched the DVD to see what it was about this character, and I figured it was these three things. Number 1: he has about 4 lines in every episode. Number 2: he has long hair... that sometimes falls over an eye, and he'll tuck it behind his ear. Which is amazing, isn't it? It's just amazing. And the third thing is that his main character trait is that he is dyslexic. And that's all I've ever wanted: a near mute with long hair and learning difficulties.

- Simon Amstell, Do Nothing

His standup was AWESOME! <3
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"I've started to focus out beyond the edge of the board. On a bigger game. The sound the wind makes through the pines. The sentience of animals. What we fear in the dark and what lies beyond the darkness. I'm talking about seeing beyond fear. About looking at the world with love."

- Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

I ♥ Joel

Jun. 19th, 2009 02:03 am
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JOEL: I'd shower with my socks on if they wouldn't get moldy. I have this thing about getting totally naked. I feel so totally . . .

FREUD: Exposed?

JOEL: Exactly! I mean, I want to be spontaneous, I do! But I have this thing about analyzing my every move, and premeditated spontaneity is about as exhilarating as getting the measles twice.

FREUD: Elaborate, please.

JOEL: Ok, let's take O'Connell, for example. I mean, Jules plies her with alcoholic beverages, instinctively tells her everything he knows she wants to hear. Flatters her, charms her, and then sticks his tongue down her throat before she has a chance to say "ahh." I mean, me, do I want her as badly as Jules? Absolutely. But do I pin her against the wall, pressing my chest against her chest, thrusting my hips against her hips? I mean, do I?

FREUD: Do you?

JOEL: Me? Yeah, Joel Fleischman. Are you kidding? No way. I tell her it would never work out because we have nothing in common. Because I hate everything that she likes. And in return for my forthrightness and honesty, I get at best, if ever, her grudging respect. When, like Jules, what I really want is to lick her naked body from head to foot like a postage stamp. Did I mention that I used to collect stamps as a kid?

No idea...

May. 4th, 2009 05:47 pm
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... what to use this journal for. A traveling journal? Well, if I traveled anywhere any time soon...
Don't know how to make it pretty(er) either. Shucks.

Edit: Well, my journal's definitely been unuglified, thanks to [personal profile] mari @ [community profile] mintyapple. Kudos!

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